AGM Agenda Proposal

                                                                    AGM Agenda Proposal


Aikchol Hospital Public Company Limited (the “Company”) realizes the importance of its shareholders’ rights and promotion of corporate governance with the objective that all shareholders will be treated equally, thus the Company would like to give a chance to all shareholders to be able to participate in proposing matters which they regard as important and should be included in the agendas of the Annual General Meeting of the Company, as well as, proposing candidates who are competent and posses knowledge and qualifications suitable for being considered as the Company’s directors prior to the Annual General Meeting. This is to give the Board of Directors time to consider and prepare for incorporating the agendas proposed by the shareholders into those of the Annual General meeting.

The Shareholders who wish to propose agendas or nominate candidates to be elected as directors must possess the following qualifications:

1.1     Must be the shareholder/s of the Company either by one or several combined who has/have been holding shares and has/have voting rights in aggregate of not less than 5% of the total voting rights of the Company.

1.2     Must hold shares in the Company continuously for not less than 1 year from the date she/he holds the shares till the date on which he/she proposes the agenda item or nominates a candidate to be considered as the director.

    please download the following:

          1.    Criteria and procedures for proposing agendas in the Annual General Meeting

        2.   Agenda Proposal Form for Annual General Meeting for the Year 2018