Dr. Virun Pornpatkul, M.D.

Chief Medical Officer Aikchol 2 Hospital (CMO)

Chief Medical Officer Aikchol 2 Hospital (CMO)



Date of appointment

1 June, 2021


  • Bachelor of Science, Chiangmai University
  • Doctor of Medicine, Chiangmai University
  • Master of Public and Private Administration National Institute of Development Administration
  • Certificate of Proficiency in Pediatics Medical Council
  • Certificate of Proficiency in Family Medicine Medical Council
  • Certificate of Proficiency in Preventive Medicine Community Psychiatry Medical Council
  • Certificate of Leadership from Office of Civil Servant Commission
  • Certificate of High National Security from National Defense College Association


  • Certificate Medical and Health Administration Ministry of Public Health
  • Certificate of decentralized and health care administration Nuffield Institute Leeds University, UK
  • Certificate of Hospital Management Technion Institute of Technology Haifa, ISR
  • Certificate of Hospital Management Kellogg School of Management Chicago, USA

% Share Possession

  • None

Familyties among executives

  • - None

Position held in other listed companies

  • None

Other present position

  • None


  • Director of Pranangklao Hospital, Nonthaburi Province, 2013-2017
  • Social Security Committee, Nonthaburi Province, 2013-2017
  • Subcommittee on Compensation Benefits of the medical Board Social Security Office, 2018-2020